For The Love of God and Coffee

For The Love of God and Coffee

Posted by David Miller, Stephanie Miller on Jan 10th 2020

Miracle Coffee Event, Thanksgiving Eve 2017... 

T' Hutton, Baltimore Md. resident over 30 years suffered from Sickle Cell Anemia Disease her entire life until Thanksgiving Eve, 2017. 

T'Annete Hutton suffered the agonizing and unpredictable torment of Sickle Cell Disease until her first sip of Rx Smart Coffee. The paralyzing pain ceased upon introducing the coffee into her system. She has been SYMPTOM FREE since that faithful night on Thanksgiving Eve 2017. She now enjoys a NORMAL life and credits the Miracle Healing Power of Rx Smart Coffee. Her blend, "Fresh Breeze" infused with Patented herbal Nexxus made of over 9 different medicinal herbs synergistically blended to aid and support health and wellness..

Scientific Fact Coffee and Mortality: 

The National Coffee Association reports that more than 60 percent of Americans drink coffee daily.

Syracuse University Professor Bob Thompson, said it best when he told USA Today, “You could say this nation runs on two dark liquids- petroleum and coffee, thousands of people are lubricated and made mobile by coffee every single day.”

At the 2017 European Cardiac Society Congress, a long-term observational study of 20,000 participants showed significant correlation between drinking coffee and a reduction in mortality. Specifically, for older participants two cups a day was shown to have a 30 percent reduction in mortality.

Coffee is also routinely associated with lowering the risk for Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, liver disease, digestive disease, and Parkinson’s. We have just begun to understand all of coffee’s medicinal properties. It is truly a joy to drink something so healthy that is also so delicious.

Miracle Coffee Event

G. Perry, resident of Long Beach CA. was raised not to depend on drugs and medications but as much a possible to live naturopathically. She had adverse reactions to high blood pressure medications and therefore steered away from them as much as possible. However, her blood pressure remained dangerously high at around 220/90. Encouraged by a friend, she tried a cup of . Rx Smart Coffee, Heart Smart blend. She noticed after about 30 minutes her blood pressure had dropped to 150/80. After an hour, she took in a second cup. In about another 2 hours her pressure had dropped to 123/75. She enjoys a cup of Heart Smart daily and lives free from the fear of high blood pressure as she boast a constant 123/80. True Story.

Miracle Coffee Event

K. Ponders, resident of Oxon Hill MD. struggled with stubborn pounds for years. She felt that the stubborn pounds were there to stay. A friend of hers recommended that she should try Rx Smart Coffee "Thin Blend" After one month she noticed that her clothes where fitting differently. She had lost 12 pounds. She continued to drink and enjoy the taste of Rx Smart Coffee. The herbal nexxus in Thin Blend is specifically developed with thermogenic herbs to support and aid a healthy lifestyle in the pursuit of a fit and healthy body. After 3 short months and with no additional exercise or any different or altered regiment she went on to lose over 35 pds. True Story.

Miracle Coffee Event

C. Greene, resident of Fort Lauderdale FL. previous to beginning a regimen of Rx Smart Coffee, "Gut Check", endured constant digestive discomfort, IBS and overall poor gut bacteria. 80% of the immune system is located in the gut. C. Greene, noticed over time, a reduction in daily medications for everything from high blood pressure medications to IBS medications not to mention the many other symptoms and need for medications that disappeared. They now drink a daily cocktail of blends. Fresh Breeze, Beautiful Mind and Gut Check..

Miracle Coffee Event

D. Miller of Upper Marlboro MD. discovered cancerous cells in the prostate after a routine PSA exam. After discovering an elevated PSA score he was advised by his doctor to have prostate removed. Over 70% of men who have prostate surgery face a very high percentage rate of being free from cancer but also being impotent. After consuming Rx Smart Coffee Gentlemen's Blend, over a period of months after a successful surgery he was able to return to full strength both in mental and physical performance.

Caffeine & Neurotransmitters

Within minutes after you drink your coffee or tea, caffeine is carried by your bloodstream to all your organs and virtually every cell in your body. Because caffeine is fat soluble, it passes easily through all cell membranes: It is quickly and completely absorbed from the stomach and intestines into the blood stream, which carries it to all the organs. Caffeine permeates organs more rapidly than most other drugs, but not more rapidly than alcohol. And because there are no significant physiological barriers that hinder its passage through tissue throughout the human body, the concentrations attained by caffeine are virtually the same throughout the body and in blood, saliva, and even breast milk and semen.


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Many of caffeine’s powers depend on its power to pass into the central nervous system (CNS). To enter the CNS, caffeine must cross the blood-brain barrier, a defensive mechanism that t protects the CNS from biological or chemical exposure by preventing viruses and other large (and most small) molecules from entering the brain or its surrounding fluid. Even when injected into the bloodstream, many drugs fail to penetrate this barrier, and others enter it much less rapidly than they enter other tissues. However, caffeine passes through the blood-brain barrier as if it did not exist.