Calling all Entrepreneurs

Rx Smart Coffee extends the opportunity for you to become involved in our company's lucrative 3X9 Forced Matrix. We want to share in the increase of wealth for as many people as possible with the growth and expansion of our company, and sales of our patented, health-promoting product line. And so, our company structure and pay plan have been designed with you in mind. With hard work and determination, you can establish a revenue stream for yourself, and make your dreams come true.

Purchase the Men's or Women's SCR Package for $149.95, or purchase the Pro SCR for $199.95 and receive 3 or 5 bags of our herbal infused coffee blends respectively, a replicating website (the website you are currently on) with back office management tools for your own e-commerce outreach, and a spot in our company matrix structure.

What are your goals?

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We respect your passions. No matter what you are pursuing in life, Rx Smart Coffee wants to help you fund those endeavors, and help you prosper financially by inviting you to leverage our products and platforms. Our model is quite simple, you earn $10 commission for every bag of coffee that you sell, and $1 commission any time one of your personally sponsored business partners sells a bag as well. When you qualify by either sales volume, or by business size, you enter the corresponding company pool, in which a percentage of the comapany's revenue is divided amongst those who are in that pool, equally.

Unlike a vertically integrated corporation, Rx Smart Coffee has no fixed salaries, no bosses or managers, no hiring and firing, no interview processes with resumes, no hours, and of course, no limits. You can earn as much as you are able to sell.

Never considered investing in coffee? Heres why you should:

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage on the planet, second only to water.
Coffee is the second most traded commodity on the planet. Second only to oil.
Coffee is a zero sum product. There is not one bean of surplus each year.

Coffee practically sells itself! 83% of adults in America drink coffee. That means that 8 out of 10 of your peers are either potential customers, or potential business partners. When you consider the fact that Rx Smart Coffee has infused an added health benefit into every cup, making the healthy choice is a no brainer for a smart consumer, or a smart entrepreneur!

Assemble yourself a team of motivated individuals, establish a vision, create a plan, and build yourself a residual income by leveraging legitimate products that seek to promote healthy lives across the globe. Here at Rx Smart Coffee, we call that a win-win.

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